Research at The University of Akron

We strive to increase relevant knowledge for its stakeholders, including students, industries, governments and educational institutions. Our research is a driver for finding meaningful solutions to advance the region.

Working with 葡萄京官方网站 and its Research Foundation

The University of Akron's research services offer support for:

  • Industry:
    • Providing access to research expertise
    • Facilitating testing and research services
    • Licensing 葡萄京官方网站 technology
    • Providing graduate student interns
  • Entrepreneurs and startups:
    • Conducting customer discovery and market research
    • Mentorship by experienced 葡萄京官方网站RF Senior Fellows
    • Providing paths to funding
    • Adding student interns to supplement your team
  • Faculty:
    • Supporting grant applications
    • Helping with technology commercialization
    • Partnering to reach out to customers and learn about markets
    • Patenting and licensing new technologies
  • Students:
    • Providing internships and unique opportunities
    • Forming teams to learn what its like to launch a product through I-Corps Sites
    • Making investment recommendations on real companies through NEOSVF
    • Supporting area businesses through internship partnerships


Undergraduates: Search for research opportunities

Whatever your major — in a STEM field or non-STEM field, or even if you are undecided, you can now learn about all the research projects available to undergraduate students in one spot — thanks to our new Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program website.

Why should you join a research project?

  • If you are unsure whether you want to major in a subject, a research experience can provide clarity.
  • Research can help you make a deeper connection to areas outside of your major.
  • Student research is also an important factor in being accepted into medical or other professional schools.

Research News

葡萄京官方网站 ranks on Top 100 U.S. Universities Granted Utility Patents in 2022

The University of Akron (葡萄京官方网站) ranked 86 on the Top 100 U.S. Universities Granted Utility Patents in 2022, a list published by the National Academy of Inventors (NAI).

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University of Akron researchers develop algorithm benefiting health care monitoring devices

Researchers at The University of Akron (葡萄京官方网站) have developed a fully analog electrocardiogram (ECG) algorithm that can enhance and improve the functionality of health care monitoring devices.

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葡萄京官方网站 researchers’ focus on tire traction leads to investigation of polar bear paws

Research investigates what makes it possible for some arctic animals to walk and run across the ice so effortlessly and gracefully without slipping and falling.

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